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Cataract Testimonials

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Peg & Roger at Glacier Bay Alaska

How do you begin when someone gave you a new chance at life other than thank you Dr. Erdey. I met Dr. Erdey in 1994 and had several eye conditions. At that point I had been to several other Doctors with little success and my vision was much like looking through wax paper. Dr. Erdey did my first surgery in Nov. 1994. I got up in the night after that surgery and wondered what the bright light was coming from the window. It was the stars. I had not seen them in a long time and they were bright and beautiful. I stood in amazement for 20 minutes or so soaking it all in. Thank you Dr. Erdey. He did my second eye in January 1995 with the same great results. He has taken very good care of my vision for the past 17 years. No change in my 20/20 vision. We have since traveled the world and every time I see the beautiful scenery and yes the beautiful night sky I still say thank you Dr. Erdey every time.

Peg Baker



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I have been a diabetic for about 30 years and had developed cataracts. The Crystalens has shown me the true meaning of seeing more clearly and sharpness in my new vision. Dr. Searcy has always been very attentive with my eye care and follow up visits. The professionalism and knowledge shown by the entire staff is truly exceptional and I wish to thank everyone for their personal attention to my needs.

I would highly recommend the Erdey Searcy Eye Group to anyone seeking vision care.

Ronald S. McDonald, Sr.




























My Dear Doctor Erdey: Please accept my heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude for the priceless gift of the restoration of my sight. My advanced cataracts had all but rendered me totally blind. Truly your surgeon's hands could belong in the Louvre as works of art! My sight was a sense that I took for granted until it slipped away. So, I have become an advocate of timely action with regard to vision problems for all those who procrastinate as I did for so long. God bless you and your staff for your wonderful work.

Charles W. Smith, Jr.



Dear Dr. Erdey and Staff: "You have put gladness in my heart". Each day I count my blessings. The restoration of the sight in both of my eyes after cataract surgery has truly been one of them. You'll never know how much you have added to my "quality of life" during this difficult time of my life. Your entire staff has exhibited not only professionalism but also a sincere caring attitude.

Linda Day