Corneal Transplant Surgery in Columbus, OH

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What is a Corneal Transplant?

The cornea, serving as the transparent front window of the eye, refracts light to enable vision and focus. However, when the cornea becomes damaged, scarred, or swollen, vision can become blurry, hazy, or accompanied by glare. While the cornea is resilient and can heal from minor abrasions, there are instances where it cannot repair itself. In such cases, your ophthalmologist may recommend a corneal transplant. At Erdey Searcy Eye Group, this procedure involves utilizing healthy corneal tissue from a human donor to replace the diseased or damaged cornea. Depending on the extent and location of the damage, either a portion or the entire cornea may be replaced. Contact our practice in Columbus, OH, to explore your options for a corneal transplant.

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Cornea Transplant by Dr. Erdey

What to expect during a corneal transplant

Before undergoing surgery, you and your ophthalmologist will review your overall health and any medications you're currently taking to confirm your suitability for transplant surgery. The corneal transplant will be conducted as an outpatient procedure at our Columbus, OH office. Prior to the surgery, eye drops will be administered, and a device will be used to keep your eye open. Your eye surgeon will utilize either local or general anesthesia to ensure you experience no discomfort during the procedure. Following the surgery, your ophthalmologist will apply a patch over your eye to facilitate healing. In the days after the surgery, it's essential to adhere to your ophthalmologist's aftercare instructions and attend post-surgery appointments at our center.

Clear Vision is Possible

If your cornea is damaged, a cornea transplant may be an option for helping to restore your vision. Talk to your ophthalmologist to learn what kinds of cornea transplant surgeries may be available to you, and consider Erdey Searcy Eye Group in Columbus, OH for your surgical needs.

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