Pterygium Removal in Columbus, OH

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What Is a Pterygium?

A pterygium, commonly known as an eye web or "surfer's eye," is a noncancerous growth that develops on the sclera (or the white part of the eye), often caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, wind, sand, or other irritants, and may also be associated with dry eye syndrome. Pterygia typically originates on the conjunctiva within the inner corner of the eye and can extend to cover part or all of the cornea, potentially altering its shape and affecting vision. Erdey Searcy Eye Group offers advanced care for pterygium removal in Columbus, OH. Contact our facility to schedule an appointment or learn more about pterygium causes and treatments.

How Are Pterygia Diagnosed and Treated?

Diagnosing pterygia often involves a physical examination due to its distinct visual appearance. Our eye doctors may utilize a slit lamp to examine the growth under light and magnification or conduct corneal mapping. While some cases of pterygium may resolve spontaneously or respond to eye drops, if the growth interferes with your vision or causes other concerns such as astigmatism, pterygium removal may be recommended. Our specialists employ advanced surgical techniques at Erdey Searcy Eye Group to remove pterygia while preserving surrounding eye structures. Additionally, pterygium surgery may involve conjunctival auto-grafting, where tissue from the upper eyelid is transplanted to restore the conjunctival structure.

Maintain Your Eye Health

While often considered a minor eye condition, a pterygium can impact vision or become a cosmetic concern. At Erdey Searcy Eye Group, we provide specialized care for diagnosing, managing, and treating pterygia to help you maintain optimal ocular health. If you're experiencing signs or symptoms of a pterygium, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our eye specialist in Columbus, OH.

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