Dry Eye Syndrome in Columbus, OH

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What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?

The majority of people will experience dry, itchy eyes eventually, but when it lingers for a long time or takes place over and over, it may be dry eye syndrome. This common condition is the result of either insufficient tears or poor-quality tears, which in turn is often caused by an underlying illness, some types of prescription drugs, or behavioral factors. Tears are integral to the overall health of the eyes, so if they malfunction, it can result in extreme irritation of the eyes and even decreased vision. Dry eye syndrome is almost always caused by an underlying illness, and once this underlying condition is diagnosed and dealt with, the dry eye symptoms can be considerably reduced.

Our team at Erdey Searcy Eye Group offers a number of solutions for people in Columbus, OH suffering from dry eye syndrome. We will conduct a thorough eye exam to properly identify your dry eye symptoms and establish whether you have an underlying cause. To hear more about treatments for dry eye syndrome, call our office to arrange your exam.

How Is Dry Eye Treated?

Your customized dry eye treatment will depend on the underlying condition causing your dry eyes. After a comprehensive exam and a review of any past conditions, we will be able to determine which treatment best suits your specific case. Many patients with minor cases of dry eye can ease the symptoms with prescription or over-the-counter eye drops. These eye drops can help fortify your real tears. If your condition is more advanced, tiny plugs can be placed in your tear ducts (known as punctal occlusion) to block them and retain the real tears in the eye.

Relieve Dry Eye

Having dry eye syndrome is more than just frustrating; it could also cause reduced vision if left untreated. If you are dealing with dry eye symptoms and trying to get relief from over-the-counter medications, set up an eye exam at our Columbus, OH facility. Our team at Erdey Searcy Eye Group can diagnose and manage the various aspects of dry eye syndrome.

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