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Reviews for Dry Eye Syndrome Services Near Columbus, OH

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Review from D.B.  |  Source: Google  |  Feb 14, 2023

Dr. Searcy is wonderful. He not online saved my mother’s vision by going above and beyond on a normal visit but he is helping me with severe chronic dry eye that is causing me a lot of vision problems. So glad I went to him. More

Review from J.S.  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Jan 05, 2012

At age 8, I could not see the large E on the eye chart at the optometrists. The next forty two years saw increased power in my lenses (up to -10.75), ultimately resulting in bifocals as well as reading glasses. Contact lenses were not an option because of dry eyes and allergies. At age 50, I reached a point where changing glasses all through the day and poor vision were a way of life. (at right, see picture of me before ICL!) I recently moved close to where the Erdey Searcy Eye Group is located, and made an appointment for what I thought was just a yearly exam with Dr. Erdey. It was then that I learned of the implantable contact lens. I had the surgery within the next 6 weeks. Within 48 hours of having the ICL surgery, my uncorrected vision was 20/20! This was the least intrusive of all the outpatient procedures I have ever had done. In addition, I have clarity of vision that I don’t recall having for many, many years. For days I have marveled at all that I can see. The ICL surgery has returned a quality of life to me that I never thought I would have again! More

Review from M.K.  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Dec 06, 2011

Three years ago at the age of 25, I had Dr. Erdey and his team perform the ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) surgery on my eyes, and I’m still smiling today from the incredible results. Since I was ten years old I wore glasses and then later switched to contact lenses in my teens and wore them off and on through my early twenties. All the while, I experienced dry eyes and suffered from itchy, irritated eyes from seasonal allergies, which made it difficult to comfortably wear my contacts. I’m also an outdoors woman and world traveler, and always struggled lugging around contact solution, my glasses, and extra contacts on camping excursions and long stays overseas. However, it was a necessary evil, for without them my essential high prescription left me completely vulnerable. Forget traveling or camping alone, I was blind without my lenses! Both of these challenges, along with my young age and likelihood of my eyes changing down the road, added to my curiosity for a solution to my sight woes. I had been going to Dr. Erdey for quite a few years and he introduced the idea of the ICL procedure to me. We weighed my options as a candidate for ICL and Lasik and after realizing my strong aversion to a procedure that would leave my eyes changed and the procedure irreversible, it became very clear that the ICL was my best option. We planned the surgery and I was excited for its arrival. The surgery was quick and quite painless. The same day of the procedure, I was able to see clearer than ever before, we called it HD (high definition) vision. Since my surgery I have had the confidence, and less weight in my bags, to travel to eight countries spending over five to eight months in developing countries, volunteering on rural farms, and stretching my new lenses to their fullest while hiking the Annapurna Circuit in the Himalayas. Thank you Dr. Erdey and your whole team! I look forward to keeping you updated for years to come. More

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