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What Is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus, a condition affecting the cornea's structure, results in progressive thinning and bulging into an irregular, cone-like shape. The cornea, responsible for filtering light into the eye and providing protection, is affected. Typically starting in adolescence or early adulthood, keratoconus leads to gradual vision impairments. Signs may not be noticeable initially, potentially causing it to remain undiagnosed. However, in later phases, symptoms such as blurred or distorted vision, light sensitivity, and frequent changes in eye prescription become common. Our skilled vision professionals at Erdey Searcy Eye Group in Columbus, OH, diagnose keratoconus and offer advanced treatment options to manage the condition and enhance vision.

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Intacs - A Guide For Keratoconus Patients: Richard A. Erdey, M.D.

How Is Keratoconus Treated?

Resulting from hereditary factors or excessive eye rubbing by patients, keratoconus can be detected through a comprehensive eye examination at Erdey Searcy Eye Group in Columbus, OH. In the early stages, some patients may find relief with corrective lenses such as eyeglasses or contacts, effectively correcting refractive errors and improving vision. However, in more advanced cases, a more aggressive treatment approach may be necessary. Options include corneal cross-linking, corneal implants, or even corneal transplants, where tissue from a human organ donor replaces damaged corneal tissue. Alternatively, a corneal implant, a small medical device inserted into the eye, may correct vision. A skilled optometrist will assess your condition and recommend treatment options based on the severity of your keratoconus.

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Don't let keratoconus hold you back from clear vision and optimal eye health. Schedule a comprehensive eye examination at Erdey Searcy Eye Group to diagnose and manage keratoconus effectively. Whether you're experiencing early symptoms of keratoconus or seeking advanced treatment options, our Columbus, OH team is here to help. Take the first step toward improved vision, and book your appointment today!

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