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What Is the Light Adjustable Lens?

During cataract surgery, an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) is inserted into your eye to match your specific vision needs. While most IOLs are permanent and their strength cannot be adjusted post-implantation, at Erdey Searcy Eye Group, we're excited to offer the Light Adjustable Lens by RxSight®, a groundbreaking option recently endorsed by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for delivering unmatched clarity and precision in vision correction. This innovative IOL allows for adjustments to your vision preferences through several in-office sessions after its implantation. For more information on enhancing your vision with this advanced IOL technology, reach out to our Columbus, OH office to schedule a consultation.

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How Does the Light Adjustable Lens Work?

Similar to traditional IOLs, the Light Adjustable Lens is also implanted during cataract surgery. What sets it apart is its unique photosensitive silicone composition, which allows for post-surgical adjustments with light. Once your eyes have healed from surgery, you'll visit your eye care provider for a few brief UV light sessions designed to fine-tune your vision. These adjustments involve a specialized device that emits low-intensity UV light onto the lens in your eye, reshaping it over approximately 90 seconds per eye. You'll have the opportunity to test and refine your vision during these sessions until it aligns perfectly with your personal vision and lifestyle preferences.

Custom Vision Enhancement

For those contemplating cataract removal surgery in Columbus, OH, the opportunity to enhance your sight with the advanced Light Adjustable Lens by RxSight is an option worth exploring. This innovative lens option has enabled numerous patients at Erdey Searcy Eye Group to achieve unparalleled visual precision compared to conventional, fixed-focus IOLs. To discover more about how you can benefit from this technology and determine your eligibility, reach out to us to arrange a consultation.

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