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Erdey Lasik Flap Elevator

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Implantable Contact Lens (Visian ICL™)

Richard A Erdey, MD is a clinical co-investigator for the Implantable Contact Lens (Staar Surgical) US FDA Study. For more information click here.The Erdey Searcy Eye Group has the distinction of being one of the few practices in Ohio that has aquired this important UBM technology! Read more.

Astigmatism Correction – Scleral Recession

Richard A Erdey, MD has developed this simple, effective method as an alternative to limbal relaxing incisions, Toric Intraocular lenses, or Laser Vision Correction to reduce or eliminate astigmatism during cataract or Visian ICL surgery. For more information click here.

Iris Reconstruction Intraocular Lens

Richard A Erdey, MD is a clinical investigator for the Iris Reconstruction Intraocular Lens. This is an elegant device which compensates for partial or complete iris defects. For more information, click here.