Corneal Transplant

Corneal Transplantation may be necessary if your cornea is damaged due to injury or disease. Since there is no artificial substitute for corneal tissue, a human donor cornea is transplanted to restore sight. The Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank typically provides the corneal  tissue for our patients.

A successful Corneal Transplant requires special, ongoing care and attention on the part of both patient and physician. However, no other surgery has so much to offer when the cornea is deeply scarred or afflicted with disease.  View: testimonials 

“Don’t take your organs to heaven…heaven knows we need them here! “

Corneal Transplant Surgery would not be possible without the hundreds of thousands of generous donors and their families who have donated corneal tissue so that others may see. If you would like more information on becoming a donor, please contact the Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank  at (614) 293-8114 or (800) 301-4960

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