Scleral Recession - Astigmatism Correction during Cataract Surgery: (scleral tunnel on steep axis)

This Lamellar technique utilizes partial thickness scleral incision with a crescent blade variable length (5mm - 1D, 5.5mm 2D, 6mm 3 D) depending on the amount of with the rule cylinder to correct. Create a short cornea tunnel (1.5 -2mm), initial internal entry with 2.75mm blade can be extended left and right, under guidance of Mastel Intraoperative keratometer. This cornea LAMELLAR incision is easily reversible using a suture, though this is rarely necessary. It is proven to be VERY stable over many years without regression or progression of effect, unlike PERPENDICULAR Limbal relaxing incisions or Astigmatic Keratotomy incisions made with a diamond, steel blade or fempto laser.