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Intacs (Intrastromal Cornea Ring Segments)

Intacs (Intrastromal Cornea Ring Segments)

INTACS inserts are indicated for the correction of mild myopia ( 1 to 3 diopters). INTACS®  are tiny and virtually invisible plastic arcs that are meant to remain permanently within your cornea. However, they can be removed or replaced if necessary.  Your doctor places INTACS®  inserts in your cornea by a brief, outpatient surgical procedure that does not involve a laser.  (view animation) You may notice an improvement in your uncorrected vision (without glasses) the next day.


Intacs® are tiny (0.25mms thick) acrylic ring segments (see figure above).

Intacs® insertion animation Intacs® are inserted between the layers of the cornea (see figure above).