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What kind of results might I expect?

Although the majority of our patients achieve 20/25 or 20/20 (considered perfect vision), there are no guarantees. We continuously monitor our refractive surgery outcomes. This allows us to regularly refine our techniques, thereby improving your chances of a successful result. The last 100 eyes of our LASIK patients analyzed showed the following:

1. Nearly 100% achieve 20/40 vision (legal driving in Ohio). Some patients may only need glasses with a very subtle prescription, for use in low illumination (night driving) to see distance objects crisply.

2. Approximately 87% are within one line of 20/20 on an eye chart. This visual quality can be compared to that of contact lenses and glasses. Patients who achieve this level of vision after surgery are independent of corrective lenses for distance and near (assuming they are not over age 40 and require reading glasses).

The degree of improvement may vary from individual to individual depending upon the severity of their original eyeglass prescription. This quality of vision generally allows patients to participate in sports, drive, swim, watch TV, movies, and see the alarm clock without glasses or contacts following refractive surgery.