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Standard IOLs and Monovision

Single focus IOLs can be electively targeted for distance focus in one eye and intermediate or near focus in the other eye. When both eyes are open, this optical condition, called “monovision” provides good simultaneous distance and intermediate (computer distance) or reading distance but the downside is some loss of binocularity or sterovision. Not all patients tolerate such an imbalance and may not accept “monovision”. Others may gradually adapt to this imbalance over time (several months). Still others only notice problems in low light or night illumination. Distance driving glasses may be all that is needed.

If you are approaching or are in the presbyopia age range (above age 40), you may already be familiar with this arrangement if you’ve worn contact lenses set up for monovision. If you have an interest in this option, you may ask your doctor to “tailor” the surgery (leave some residual near-sighted ability in your non-dominant eye) to allow some independence from reading glasses.