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Presybyopia IOLs

Presbyopia IOLs are more recent innovations that are designed to significantly improve depth of focus.  Use of these IOLs during cataract extraction or refractive lensectomy may reduce or eliminate the need for corrective lenses for distance, intermediate and near visual tasks. Since both eyes are generally focused at a similar distance, stereopsis or depth perception is maximized. While Presbyopia IOLs have definite advantages over conventional monofocal IOLs it is important to realize that they do not yet simulate the full range of accommodation provided by the young human crystalline lens!

Unlike Conventional IOLs, Presybopia IOL’s are NOT a covered benefit of your health insurance and instead are considered an optional  “upgrade”.  Additional out-of-pocket fees will apply if you elect this option. Payment plans are provided. Please contact us for more information.

There are currently four US FDA approved Presbyopia IOL designs each using different optical principles to achieve better depth of focus. Each has advantages and disadvantages:

1. Crystalens ™ (Baush and Lomb)

2. Crystalens Trulign ™ (Baush and Lomb)

3. Restor™ (Alcon)

4. Technis Multifocal ™ (AMO)


The following is a brief summary of these lenses which do not attempt to present a full discussion of the benefits and risks that may be associated with their use.  Be sure to talk to your doctor who will determine if you are a suitable candidate and before making any decisions about vision improvement procedures, as this information is not intended to replace the advice of a healthcare professional.