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How does the expertise of the surgeon affect my laser correction (LVC) result?

Laser Vision Correction (LVC) is eye surgery! Some people have the misconception that since the laser is computer controlled, the skill and experience of the surgeon and staff is of negligible importance. This could NOT be further from the truth. The following factors significantly determine how well you will see after your LVC procedure:

» The quality of the pre-operative evaluation process, conservative patient selection, and meticulous monitoring during post-operative eye healing. These must be individualized for each patient.

» The training and expertise of your surgeon in creating and replacing your cornea flap and in applying the laser during your LVC procedure.

Ask if the surgeon has cornea/refractive fellowship training (additional formal training, usually a year or more, beyond a general ophthalmology residency.not just a weekend laser course!) Ask how much clinical research experience the surgeon has in Laser Eye Surgery and what contributions have they made in the field.