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    Sent: Friday, December 30, 2011 11:51 AM
    To: Kaswinkel, Daryl
    Subject: Lasik Results


    I just wanted to send a note letting you know how pleased I am with the results of my recent Lasik procedure. I have been wearing corrective lens since the 4th grade (almost 50 years ) and really thought I’d be wearing glasses or contacts forever. I can’t begin to tell you how great it feels that I can see when I wake up in the morning without putting in my contacts. It’s a great feeling!  I also want to let you know the staff at Erdey Searcy Eye Group took great care of me and I felt very comfortable with their professionalism.

    I am very pleased!


    Ralph Mertz



                                          MY  “IZE” HAVE IT

          It is wonderful, now, nothing comes between me and my friends.

    The top twelve reasons to have LASIK eye surgery:

    12.    When I meet people on the street, I have civil-eyes

    11.    When I put things in sequence, I have alphabet-eyes.

    10.    When I invest in the stock market, hopefully I have maxim-eyes

      9.    When I plan presentations for customers, I have system-eyes

      8.    When I get dressed up, I have formal-eye

      7.    When I play on the computer, I can push the buttons for minimal-eyes

      6.    When trying to play a key board instrument, I am perfectly organ-eyesed

      5.    When I am attracted to a sale, I have magnet-eyes

      4.    If I see a super star, I can idol-eyes

      3.   When I had my surgery, I had sterile-eyes

      2.   Because for the first time in my life I have normal-eyes

            And the number ONE reason to have LASIK surgery is:

    Because it is great to have designer custom-eyes by Dr Richard Erdey and his staff!

    Thank you for giving me a wonderful gift – eyes that really see.

    No more glasses. No more contacts. No more hassles.

    I wake up in the morning and can seel the clock.

    No more groping for misplaced glasses.

    At night, my husband doesn’t have to tell me what just happened on TV.

    And best of all, I don’t feel imprisoned by glasses.

    Thank you!

    Next time I’m in Columbus, I will come by and really SEE you!




    Dear Dr. Erdey and Staff: Having been a person who wore glasses since age 8, the thought of being able to go without them was very appealing. I used to have to put on my glasses first thing every morning, and I wouldn’t take them off until bedtime. The LASIK procedure has more than met all my expectations! It is wonderful to have 20/20 vision and not even have to consider glasses. The procedure went very smoothly, there were no problems at all, and immediate results. I have nothing but praise for Dr. Erdey. Thank you very much!
    Larry Swanner M.D.


    Dear Dr. Erdey and Staff:
    I am writing this letter to sincerely thank you for your very professional and kind treatment of me while I was having refractive surgery. I am also writing this as a testimonial for you to show your other patients who are trying to decide whether or not to have the surgery. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with my results! I was a little bit leery of having eye surgery for vision correction. I would tell anyone who is hesitant or apprehensive about getting this surgery, that they should go right ahead and get it done. For the very minimal discomfort that you may have, it is certainly worth it, and my happiness with my new perfect vision far exceeds anything that I ever expected! Thanks again for all your kindness and support. The staff is wonderful, and I am telling all my friends about it.
    Michael P. Poland, M.D.


    Dear Dr. Erdey and Staff:
    I was referred to you by my original surgeon who had performed LASIK on both of my eyes. My visual result in my left eye was much less than desirable despite his best attempts to correct the problems.
    After you performed two tricky procedures on my left eye, my eyesight is completely restored and better than 20/20. Now I play golf without wearing glasses and can see a golf ball rolls on the green 200 yards away. Dr. Erdey…you are the eye Dr. of eye doctors! Thank you very much for your technical expertise.
    Jueng K. Rim, M.D.


    Dear Dr. Erdey and Staff:

    I began wearing glasses in second grade because my sister had glasses and I wanted to be like her. Guess what? I got my wish. By the time I was in eighth grade the novelty of wearing glasses had long worn off I was tired of them sliding down my nose, rubbing the tops of my ears, not to mention that my vanity suffered. Since my vision had become worse, I opted to try contact lenses. But the contacts weren’t perfect either. Daily I had to clean them. I couldn’t sleep in them and of course I was still blind as a bat when it came time to take them out (for swimming, water skiing, etc.)

    The older I got, the worse my vision became. During my routine eye exam last summer, it was suggested that I might be a candidate for LASIK surgery. I was interested but the expense seemed astronomical compared to just another pair of contacts and their hassle. I was told however that I suffered from contact lens abuse. I wore them too long (17 hours a day) and I needed to break down and purchase a new pair glasses also. More money. I went ahead and bought new lenses. Within several months I tore a lens, then I lost another. ENOUGH!

    I had heard advertisements offering both eyes for a minimal amount but I thought I only have one pair of eyes, I want to go for the best doctor not the cheapest price!” After speaking to many people who had the LASIK surgery performed successfully, I called my regular eye doctor who referred me to the Erdey Searcy Eye Group. I set up my free consultation which determined that although my vision was extremely poor, correction could be performed as the other criteria was met. Dr. Erdey was very upfront about my chances for correction. He explained that because of the severe correction required it might be necessary to perform an enhancement (a second surgery.) We proceeded one eye at a time.

    The surgeries were extremely successful. There was no pain involved and I was back to work the next day. I did not require the enhancements after all and I can see clearly now without correction. I am very impressed not just with Dr. Erdey and his wonderful talent but also with his whole staff. They are confident, knowledgeable and very customer service oriented.

    Daily I am amazed and thrilled that after thirty plus years of hassling with glasses and contacts now I wake up and I can read the alarm clock from across the room. I can see when I swim and water ski. The best part is that the miracle I experienced is available to others as well. The Erdey Searcy Eye Group are the miracle performers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Darlene Doyle


    Dear Dr. Erdey and Staff:
    I have been considering corrective vision surgery for five years, and began researching corrective vision centers nine months ago. I cannot stress how pleased I am with my decision to work with Dr. Erdey. He and his staff are thorough in their explanation of the procedure, including the risks and benefits for each patient. His approach is conservative, and he’s a perfectionist who will do what it takes to ensure each patient has the best possible outcome. I have been wearing glasses and contacts for over twenty years, and could not even get out of bed without putting on my glasses. My uncorrected vision is BETTER THAN 20/20. I can’t really believe it’s true. I recommend LASIK surgery and Dr. Erdey and staff to anyone considering corrective surgery.
    Bridget Cargin


    Dear Dr. Erdey and Staff:
    I’ve been dependent upon glasses for 30 years, until now. I had the LASIK surgery in June and I can wake up and actually SEE around the bedroom. Before, everything appeared to be a gray blur. This experience is truly awesome. As a child, I wished I didn’t have to wear glasses and I prayed for 20/20 vision, since I had a coke bottle prescription in the fashionable frames of the 60’s. As I grew older I accepted the fact that I was going to have to wear glasses the rest of my life. Contacts worked well for a few years, but then they became unbearable. I heard about many successes of laser eye surgery from women in my exercise class, friends of friends, and coworkers. I decided that I would gather information to see if I was a candidate. Dr. Erdey and staff answered all of my questions. I recognized the opportunity to have vision that was way better than my present vision. Dr. Erdey is truly blessed with the skills and knowledge to have made my childhood wish a reality. I thank Erdey Searcy Eye Group.
    Angela Payne


    Dear Dr. Erdey and Staff:
    I wanted refractive surgery because I really hate the way I look in glasses, I could no longer wear contacts because of dry eye syndrome. I’m really glad I decided to do it because for the first time in 37 years, I can see without my glasses! Thanks so much Dr. Erdey!”
    Dolores Davis


    Dear Dr. Erdey and Staff:
    I am very happy about the success of the LASIK eye surgery. I wore contact lenses for over 30 years. I am very active in sports and will enjoy the freedom of not having the stress caused by contacts.The eye surgery was painless and I was comforted by the professional care your group provided me. I have recommended you to a number of my friends who are near sighted. Thank you for restoring my sight!
    David Busock


    Dear Dr. Erdey and Staff:
    I want to thank you very much for giving me a new outlook on life. I’ve worn some kind of corrective lenses since I was 4 years old. I didn’t realize how wonderful the world looked. Your staff made me feel so comfortable.Many people have asked me how my vision is doing. I have told everyone about the wonderful miracle you and your staff have done for me.Thanks so very much. I will always be grateful. Dorcas Winberg
    Dorcas Winberg



    Dear Dr. Erdey and Staff:
    Just a short note to let you know what a great year I’ve had since you did refractive surgery on me last January. My life has become much more active, have done some traveling, and even taken up jogging in the morning before going to work. I feel more like a recycled teenager than a woman in her middle years. You’ve made quite a difference in my life. Thank you so much.
    Donna Madland