• 17 Nov

    Crystalens Trulign™ Accommodating/Astigmatism-correcting IOL


    August 8, 2013: NBC4 Columbus – “New Surgery Corrects Cataracts, Astigmatism


    July 9, 2013: Mount Carmel Surgeon Implanting New Lens Designed for Cataract Patients With Astigmatism


    Most patients prefer to reduce their dependence on corrective lenses and bifocals after cataract surgery.

    That means they want to see clearly, without glasses not just at distance but also at arms length – their speedometer in their car or their computer monitor, and at near: the ladies want to look in the mirror to put on their make up, the men want to shave, and we all want to see our smartphone!

    Our Doctors have successfully used the Crystalens for many years. This implant does reduce dependence on glasses but the challenge has been that up to 70% of patients that receive this lens during cataract surgery also have corneal astigmatism. If this condition is not also corrected by an additional surgical procedure usually performed at the same time this implant is placed, glasses are still required.

    For the first time we now have a lens implant that addresses both problems with one procedure, making the additional surgery unneccessary… and this is exciting !!